Frontman double vinyl album


  1. Dream within a dream
  2. Crying out for love
  3. Storms and sorrows
  4. It all comes around
  5. One more turn of the wheel
  6. What if Summer never came
  7. Signs from an age gone by
  8. Sitting on top of time
  9. Just breaking through
  10. Neon life
  11. We're still dreamers
  12. Out of the dark
  13. Slow drivers
  14. The outsider
  15. Sepia sister
  16. Isadora

I am very excited to have this new vinyl compilation out for Record Store Day on April 19th. It’s been put together by my old friend, Craig Moore, from Illinois, and features many of my solo songs plus some from Illusion and Shoot. There are also two new versions of “Dream Within a Dream” and “Crying Out For Love”. I’m planning to do a few solo shows in the US to promote it.